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Low Cost Ways To Save

Cheap and cheerful ways to save

Switch Energy supplier

If you haven’t switched energy supplier in the last year you could be spending hundreds of pounds more for your gas and electricity than you need to. Dozens of new energy suppliers have popped up over the last couple of years and they are all eager to get your business, meaning that they may be able to offer you a cheaper price than one of the big 6 energy suppliers.

Switching supplier through the Heat Project is really easy. You can switch online via our independent switching site or call our dedicated energy switching phone line 0800 610 2449. Some switching websites only show you tariffs where they will earn a commission, our site will show you all available tariffs by default to try and ensure that you get the cheapest deal for your home.

Turn down your room thermostat 1 degree

Are you heating your home to a temperature warmer than you need? Is your thermostat used more as a switch to turn the heating on and off rather than adjusting it to a certain temperature? Your home should be heated to around 21 degrees in the lounge and 18 degrees elsewhere. Try turning the thermostat down one or two degrees and you could save 10-20% on your heating bills.

Stop those pesky draughts

The heat from your home could be leaking out through the gaps around your doors and windows, meaning you will be paying more than you need to to heat your home and that it will be harder for you to maintain a steady temperature. The Energy Savings Trust believes that you could be spending £25-£50 more a year to heat your home if it is not adequately draught proofed and they have produced this comprehensive video guide below to help you to tackle the draughts yourself. If however you would like the draughts professionally tackled then please give us a call and we provide a quote for this work to be completed.

Insulate your home - it may be free!

You could cut your heating bill by up to half if you insulate your loft and cavity walls. In some cases the work is completely free so if you believe that your home may need an insulation upgrade, please call us on 0800 0 246 231 or apply online and we will undertake a free survey to confirm if your home needs upgrading and if the work can be completed for free.

Draw your curtains at dusk to keep in the heat

During the day it is a good idea to open curtains to let the heat from the sun warm your home, but as the sun starts to set you should draw your curtains to try and keep in as much heat as you can as the outside temperature drops. The thicker your curtains are the more heat you will be able to keep in.

Save in your kitchen

You might be surprised how much money you could save on your energy bills in your kitchen. Here are some simple ways to keep your energy costs down:

  1. Don’t overfill your kettle – just put in enough water for what you need, otherwise you are wasting energy heating water that wont be used
  2. Use lids on saucepans – using lids reduces that amount of energy that is needed to cook your food and could help to reduce condensation
  3. Ensure that any food is cool before placing it in the fridge
  4. If you are buying a new kitchen appliance make sure you get one that has at least an A rating to reduce energy and water wastage
  5. Use economy settings in your washing machine and try to wait until you have a full load
  6. When washing up use a bowl rather than letting the hot tap run for too long

Don't standby to save

You may be surprised just how much energy is being wasted by your home appliances when they are left in standby mode. If you are not using an appliance consider switching it off completely rather than just leaving it in standby. Things that you should consider switching off or shutting down completely include:

  1. Televisions
  2. DVD players and digital TV receivers
  3. Computers and monitors
  4. Mobile phone and battery chargers
  5. Washing machines and tumble dryers

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Managing your appliances

The video below courtesy of the Energy Savings Trust explains in detail how to understand your energy bills and gives tips and advice on other ways that you may be able to save money

Knowing your energy bills

The video below courtesy of the Energy Savings Trust gives advice on the efficiency use of appliances and other low cost ways to save energy around your home including low energy lighting