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Storage heater upgrades

high heat retention storage heaters
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Storage Heater Upgrades

If your home has storage heaters, the chances are that they are the old style heater which is difficult to control and ends up giving you too much heat in the morning when you don’t need it and not enough at night when you do.  Storage heaters have come a long way and now the modern high heat retention storage heaters can retain heat for longer and use an advanced digital controller to try to ensure that the heaters take in just enough energy overnight to keep you warm without storing more heat than you need.  The addition of an extra on-peak electrical feed means that the heaters can use a system of fans to distribute the heat more quickly when needed, thereby maximising the efficiency of the heater.

The Heat Project can install the new high heat retention storage heater either as an upgrade to your existing storage heaters or as a new heating installation if you don’t have access to a cheaper fuel like mains gas.  Unlike the much hyped “German” electric panel heaters that are widely advertised, these modern storage heaters can utilise the much cheaper off peak electricity which is used overnight giving genuinely affordable heating where mains gas is not available.

Installation costs will vary depending on the condition of the existing electrical circuits but a typical cost to remove an existing storage heater and install a new high heat retention storage heater with a new on-peak electrical feed would be around £800-£1,000 per heater.  Grants may be available if you are on benefits including Pension Credit or Family Tax Credit, see our benefits page if you think you may be eligible.

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