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The HEAT Project (Home Energy Action Taskforce) is a local authority led service, offering local residents a one-stop-shop for energy advice and access to grants to make their home warmer and reduce their energy bills. The HEAT Project began in 1997 and since then has led to over 300,000 homes receiving an energy saving upgrade through previous partnerships with 116 local authorities. Now managed by Happy Energy Solutions Ltd, the HEAT Project has been re-launched to offer local authorities a simple way to signpost householders in their districts to a freephone service, where trained energy advisors will confirm which grants and other assistance may be available to help them stay warmer and have lower energy bills.

The success of the HEAT Project is simple, the service is completely free for local authorities yet brings significant financial and social benefit into the district.  A data sharing agreement lays out the terms of the services to be provided, minimising legal and procurement red tape, and as the service is non-exclusive, we are happy to work alongside other services helping customers in the district and, where necessary, make referrals to these services if this provides the best outcome for the customer.

The HEAT Project benefits from the endorsement of the local authority, usually including the use of the logo on any marketing materials, this provides trust for the customers and helps to increase the number of people who will benefit from the service and receive a warmer home with lower energy bills.

 HEAT Project Benefits:

  • A freephone service for local authorities to direct their local residents for energy advice and to benefit from grant funded energy saving works
  • Proactive marketing of the service funded and managed by Happy Energy to include mail shots, social media, attendance at local events and other advertising
  • Use of local installers to maximise the financial benefits to the local community
  • Provision of dedicated ECO funding including , offering customers grants for insulation and heating works
  • Proactive targeting of low income households to help those most at risk of fuel poverty
  • An independent online and telephone based fuel switching advisory service
  • Full access for local authorities to reports on works carried out, values of fuel bill savings and customers assisted

If you would like to arrange a meeting or discuss how the service may work, please call Adrian Wright on 0800 0 246 234 or email

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