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Grant application

Grant Application

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Data Protection Statement

In order for Happy Energy Ltd to confirm whether you are entitled to ECO Affordable Warmth funded measures, we will share your personal data with our trusted third party service provider, the Energy Saving Trust, and with the Department for Work and Pensions.
Your details will be used as follows to assess your eligibility for the service, we will:

• Get in touch with the Department for Work and Pensions via the Energy Saving Trust to check if you may be eligible for this assistance.
• Receive information from the Department for Work and Pensions about you, this will be limited to information relating to your entitlement to assistance.
• Share your details with our service provider Energy Saving Trust so they can check if you may be eligible for this assistance and provide services to us.
• Share your details with the scheme administrator, Ofgem, so they can review the scheme.

For more information please see our privacy policy available at

I the customer acknowledge that I have read and understood the Data Protection Statement at the top of this page.

I hereby give my consent for the appropriate and necessary data being shared with the Energy Saving Trust and The Department for Work and Pensions. *

Yes I accept the above privacy statement