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Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic, or solar PV for short, are panels that generate electricity from the sun.  The solar PV panels generate electricity in direct current (DC) and our homes use alternating current (AC), so in order to convert the energy into usable electricity, the power is fed into an inverter which converts the electricity from DC to AC.

Solar PV panels are usually installed on the roof of your home but they can also be installed on nearby buildings such as garages or barns and can also be mounted on an A-frame mounted on the ground in your garden.

It is important to make sure that the solar panels are not shaded by nearby buildings or trees, otherwise the energy generated can be greatly reduced.  The best energy generation is achieved by mounting your panels on a south facing roof but you can still obtain good energy generation from south east, south west or even east and west facing roofs.

If you install a solar PV system through the Heat Project you will be entitled to the Government’s Feed-in Tariff which entitles you to payments for 20 years for the electricity that your system generates. Depending on where you live, you could get a return of 5-8% on your investment through the money you earn through the Feed-in Tariff and the savings you will make by using your own solar energy rather than buying energy from the grid.

You can further maximise your savings by installing controllers that send all of the generated electricity into your hot water cylinder or a storage heater. Alternatively you can install a battery storage system to enable you to store the power you generate during the day to use at night when you get home from work.

See how much you can earn and save by using our free solar PV FiT calculator.

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