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Solar Hot Water

solar hot water
solar hot water cylinder

Solar Hot Water

A solar thermal system is different from a solar PV system in that it generates hot water rather than electricity by circulating a liquid up through the panel which gets heated by the sun and then returns back to your hot water cylinder to indirectly heat your hot water.  A solar thermal system will typically consist of 2 solar panels or 3 for larger homes, plus a controller and pump station which ensures that the liquid is only circulated during the day when the sun is strong enough to heat the water.  Finally we will need to replace your hot water cylinder with a special solar cylinder which has an extra coil in the bottom designed to maximise the heat extraction from the solar thermal liquid.

A solar thermal system is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive payments which are paid by Ofgem on behalf of the Government quarterly for 7 years.  The payments are deemed which means you receive a fixed amount each quarter regardless of how much hot water you solar thermal system generates.

You can buy a solar thermal system from the Heat Project with full installed prices typically ranging from £4,000-£6,000 depending on the amount of hot water you need to heat and type of hot water cylinder we install.

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